Nabi Media

$1.35M In Untapped Revenue Within 12 Months For A CPG Brand


Before working with us, this brand was managing all retention marketing in-house.

They had just a few basic automations set up, were sending one or two campaigns a week, were landing in promotions inbox, and they weren’t trying to find what type of emails would generate the most revenue for them.

They were generating around $10,000 a month from their Klaviyo account before working with us.


#1: We added 13 automations with 70+ emails all for different purposes.

  • AOV Boosting Automations.

  • Upsell, Cross-sell, and replenishment Automations.

  • Nurture Workflows.

  • 5 Abandonment Flows to recover lost sales.

Point to be noted: Our strategy did not include sending out discounts like a madman – we rarely offered discounts in a few automations as a last resort to get the sale.

Instead, we maximize the profit margins for this brand by focusing heavily on direct response copy emails.

#2: We increased the campaign frequency for this brand from 2 emails a week to 5 a week.

These campaigns were the following types:

  • Single product showcase.

  • Customer pains and education on it.

  • Product of the month.

  • Back in stock.

  • Customer story email.

  • In Case You Missed It Campaign

#3: We created different offers and built hidden landing pages based on those offers.

**This works like a charm when selling your best-sellers or a product that was out of stock for a while.

Then we wrote plain-text campaigns and sent people to those landing pages. (These campaigns generated 2x more revenue than the ones without the landing pages)