Nabi Media

$384,037 Revenue In 6 Months Using DR Emails & Backend Landing Pages


This brand had been sending emails for 3 years in-house before working with us.

They had also tried multiple agencies in the past.

Since they had everything set up in-house, they requested us to strategize, write, design, and create all the automations.

And then consult their team on a monthly-basis to help them increase the campaign revenue.


After working with us – we generated $384,037 in the last 6 months for them through emails.

We focused heavily on direct-response emails for this brand as the products they sold were solving an acute problem.

We have 14+ automations for them, send 5 emails a week, routinely build backend landing pages with different offers, and mail them to their list. (This is to take their campaign revenue to the next level)